Fumi's Kitchen Kona

Fumi's Kitchen is about local Korean-Japanese cuisine served with a local touch in Fumi's Kitchen in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. Chef Ronnie Ow is the owner and just opened his restaurant to honor his memory of his mother Fumi.

Chef Ronnie Ow's Photos of His Mom Fumi

Chef Ronnie Ow's, Mom Fumi, not too recently passed away from a brave fight against breast cancer.  Chef Ronnie has opened Fumi's Kitchen in honor of his love for his beloved Mom Fumi, even naming his restaurant after his dear departed Mother.  Fumi's Kitchen.  Chef Ronnie growing up in Hawaii, has long worked for his family who has managed the famous Teshima's restaurant in Kainaliu and that is where his education and love of Japanese and Korean cooking come from. Chef Ronnie Ow's Mom Fumi when she was in High School

Fumi's High School Photo

Chef Ronnie Ow's Mom and Dad

Fumi In Later Years