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Fumi's Kitchen is about local Korean-Japanese cuisine served with a local touch in Fumi's Kitchen in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. Chef Ronnie Ow is the owner and just opened his restaurant to honor his memory of his mother Fumi.

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http://m.fumiskitchenkona.com   (mobile website)

We’re Open 7 Days a Week   Lunch:11:00am-2:00pm Dinner & Late Night Karaoke: 5:00pm- 12:00am

Fumi's Kitchen A Korean-Japanese Restaurant in Kona, Hawaii

Fumi's Kitchen Korean-Japanese Restaurant Kona, Hawaii 

Tucked away inside of the Ali'i Sunset Plaza in Kona, Hawaii, find Fumi's Kitchen Restaurant. This restaurant serves the perfect fusion of what may be the two perfect styles of cuisine: Korean and Japanese. It's Fumi's Kitchen Restaurant Kona, and if you happen to be on this island, you should make sure to stop by for breakfast, lunch or supper! 

Fumi's Kitchen Restaurant Kona, Hawaii 

The restaurants is open We’re Open 7 Days a Week  Lunch:11:00am-2:00pm Dinner and Late Night Karaoke: 5:00pm- 12:00am. Even though Fumi's is more renowned as an Japanese/Korean/Modern Asian restaurant, you can also get sake, wine and beer plus exotic cocktails whenever you like. 

It's more of a local place, so many people say that it's a very good place to get away from the crowds of tourists and relax. Besides fine consistent Korean/Japanese cuisine the food is tasty and always good, the restaurant also has a full service bar that will does  serve sake, wine, beer and cocktails. 

In fact, there are busier and more famous restaurants in the neighborhood. However, people say they like to slip into this place for the quiet atmosphere, good food, and prompt service. It does stay open later for the late night karaoke and pupus (appetizers)

What Do People Think Of The Food At Fumi's Kitchen? 

Of course, people go to a restaurant for the food. This is the take from a couple who dined there when they were visiting Hawaii. 

"This place offers a very tasty menu of Japanese and Korean fusion food with some local comfort dishes mixed in.  Most of the dishes come with all the right sides, and this includes miso soup, rice, or nabemono and tsukemono. There are combo meals and plates that offer generous portions that leave people full without being overstuffed." 

The Service At Fumi's Kitchen Restaurant in Kona 

One great thing about this restaurant is the service that is accommodating without being overbearing. Once in awhile, it does get busy and the service slows down. But most people said they enjoyed the place so much that it wasn't a big deal.

Everybody says that the service is friendly and polite. One diner had some very specific dietary restrictions. The owner came out to listen to this diner and make suggestions that would fit the diet perfectly. The diner really got the idea that the Chef/Owner cared about pleasing each and every customer.

There is something for everybody. From traditional American Cheeseburgers and fries to local Hawaiian dishes to famous Japanese and Korean dishes, this restaurant has it all. Indeed Fumi's Kitchen has a very good kitchen!  

The Atmosphere At Fumi's Kitchen

The atmosphere is elegant and mild. Next door to the Sunset Ali'i Plaza shopping center, there are plenty of busier and bigger restaurants. For example, there is an Outback Steak House. But why go to Hawaii for steak? Why not go to enjoy the blends of Asian and local food that this place is so famous for? 

However, people who would prefer to just enjoy some interesting and decent food without having to hear the roar of conversation and get jostled by other diners are likely to enjoy a stop at Fumi's Kitchen in Kona, Hawaii!   Also if you like karaoke there is late night karaoke that begins about 9pm most nights and goes to midnight or beyond depends if the crowd is rocking out.... Call for hours to just make sure at 1.808.327.2200    

Welcome to Fumi's Kitchen Blog

Welcome to Fumi's Kitchen's Blog where you will find articles, pictures and videos that celebrate all of the delicious Korean-Japanese fusion cuisine that is so local to many residents of Kailua-Kona  Hawaii.   This blog will share lots of information to help educate the community on the nuances of the Asian Fusion cuisine that Fumi's Kitchen loves to create and push the palate of their customers to find unique and  awesome dishes that originate in Korea and Japan but tweak it here and there with Chef Ronnie Ow's signature ingredients.  

Fumi's Kitchen is open   Lunch:11:00am-2:00pm Dinner and Late night Karaoke: 5:00pm- 12:00am.  Also are takeout bento lunches and dinners for families.  Check out our mobile website at http://m.fumiskitchenkona.com  for all the information you need and you can download the info onto your smart phone's desktop so you can always have the information ready with a quick click.